4 Reasons to Install a Pool Alarm System

4 Reasons to Install a Pool Alarm System

A pool alarm system is designed to alert you when it detects motion in the water. Many of today’s pool owners are taking advantage of this useful piece of technology. Look at just four of the many reasons for installing this type of pool alarm system.

It Alerts You if Small Children Fall into Pool

Each year, there are news stories about small children wandering into yards and falling into the family’s swimming pool. Unfortunately, not all of these children are discovered before the worst occurs. Sunset Pools & Spas, a company which installs inground swimming pools in Chicago, says, “This is a major reason why some pool owners install a pool alarm. If their child, or a neighbor’s child, wanders to the pool and falls in, the alarm will go off.”

It Alerts You if Pets Fall into the Pool

Some pets can be very curious about a backyard pool. If they get a little too curious they may fall in. Unfortunately, not every dog, cat or other pet knows how to swim. This is another scenario where a pool alarm would come in handy. It would alert the owner of movement in the pool giving the person time to rescue their pet.

It Alerts You if Strangers Are in the Pool

Many pool owners put a fence around their pool to maintain their privacy and keep strangers out. Sometimes teenagers and others like to swim in their neighbors’ pools when they believe the owners are away. This pool alarm can be useful in alerting you of any unauthorized swimmers in your backyard pool.

It Alerts You if a Wild Animal Falls into the Pool

Wild animals, especially deer, can be curious about the water in a swimming pool. Deer sometimes try to drink from backyard swimming pools and end up falling in. While the deer is usually unharmed, its sharp hooves can damage the pool’s costly lining. People who live in the southern United States sometimes encounter alligators in their swimming pools. A pool alarm can alert the homeowner when a wild animal gains access to the pool. After getting the alert, the owner can call Animal Control to get the animal out.